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6 Days until Xmas – InFamous 2

24 Games until Xmas is our special feature to build up to the end of the year, however that is not all.

Each member of staff was asked to provide their top twenty four games of the year; we have taken this list and will reveal a game each day until December 24, at which point we will unveil our number one game of the year.

There are some fantastic titles on the way and when the final game is revealed, that’s where you come in.

Once the number one game has been revealed we will then create a poll with all 24 games and ask you to vote on your own personal game of the year, this poll will run from December 24 until January 2nd, at which point we will announce the ShopToNews readers Game of The Year 2011.

We hope you are enjoying counting down our best 24 games of the year with us and if you have just joined us then make sure you check out the other games in the list.

Here’s the next…

6 Games until Xmas: inFamous 2

Sony’s superpower returns for an amazing sequel Infamous 2. Rather than the usual lose all powers and rebuild like many other games of this genre, our hero (or villain) Cole starts with his full compliment left over from the last game (also a must have purchase PS3 owners) so there is a lot to learn initially but the game slowly shows you the ropes before adding even more powers with the plot having Cole getting a beating from The Beast and then retreating to locate an array of shards that grant even more powers before the local militia get to you, all the whilst The Beast is slowly working its way down the coast, destroying all in its path for another scrap with Cole.

Once again Cole has dual storylines to choose from at crucial points of the game, leaving it down to you to decide weather to be all good or a downright evil git, with each decision leading you to even more powers plus making the locals act differently towards you.

Though Cole is a dream to play as, the level design of the city of New Marais really makes the game, with a New Orleans feel to it, offering plenty of roofs and buildings to climb across and electricity and tram cables to grind across, flooded areas, swamp lands and of course neon lit party areas.

On top of a great story that requires at least two playthroughs and a load of side missions you also have User Generated Content, where you can create missions and stunt runs and share with the rest of the community.

Infamous 2 built on an already great game and created an amazing adventure that is a must have exclusive for the PS3.

To see a more in-depth analysis of the game, and our thoughts on it, click here to read our review. You can order your copy of inFamous 2 here.

Do you own inFamous 2? Have you played it or are you considering it? Let us know in the comments field below.

Edited On 19 Dec, 2011

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