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Wii Sing Rock review

Home karaoke is always fantastic fun and consoles are the perfect tool for when the singing-at-home feeling grabs you. So what of the games? Well, whilst Lips and its glittery motion microphones came and went following shocking support from Microsoft and the long running Singstar series has always been most peoples first choice thanks to its wonderful dlc support, excellent features and accesability the Wii has kind of been left behind with all but a few X-Factor sing-along efforts; however recently the We Sing brand from Nordic Games has started to get households up and crooning on Nintendo’s console with a few decent releases, so what of the latest Wii Sing Rock?

There are a lot of similarities to be found with We Sing Rock and Singstar, though none of them are bad. The game is played using USB mics and up to four players can sing together (you will need USB hub for 3-4 players) with each song scoring you by way of pitch. The game screen shows easy to read lyrics at the bottom and score bars appear across the middle showing what pitch to sing in, when they fill up it indicates you are doing well. Each song has a selection of difficulties that make the pitch bars thinner, requiring more precision on your end; there is a challenge for all in We Sing Rock.

The game is pretty much what one expects from any karaoke game, though We Sing Rock does offer a little more choice on some songs by allowing you to seperate vocals and backing tracks if there are a few of you singing, creating some great duets plus there is a great selection of multiplayer modes that many other games don’t tend to bother with.

Single player mode is kept simple with you just  creating a playlist from the 40 tracks and getting on with it; leaving the main bulk of the game for parties. The multiplayer options are plentiful with modes like We Sing which is a basic non competitive mode; Versus, which scores each player seperatley or you can form teams in the Group Battle Mode. There are also other modes such as First to X, in which the winner is the first to reach a set score and there’s also Pass the Mic, which allows you to build your score as you pass the mic around the room. Finally, there is also Blind mode, which removes lyrics and sound randomly and last but not least, the Expert mode, which has no pitch bar or lyrics, are you good enough?

Away from all the gameplay modes are a few extras such as the handy lesson mode to help the tone deaf among us, plus there are also in-game awards to earn as well as a non competitive karaoke mode and also a jukebox mode to just play the videos; We Sing Rock is the ideal party game for Wii owners.

Being We Sing Rock, the tracks on offer are a little more focused than a usual compilation of pop hits and whilst it may put off a few people, there are plenty of familiar tracks here to thrash some air guitar to whilst belting out some rock classics, all to the original videos when available like Alice Coopers ‘Poison’ and Faith no Mores ‘Epic’ (automatically making it the best game ever made) and Bloc Party’s ‘The Prayer’, to the strippers favourite Def Leppard’s ‘ Pour Some Sugar On Me’. There are even a few softer tracks like Tina Turner’s ‘Simply the Best’ and Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted to Love’, making it more accessible to the rest of the family.

With 40 songs to master and a great selection of single and multiplayer modes, We Sing Rock seems to be a great karaoke game for the Wii, as long as you like to rock.

Rating: GoodReview Policy

You can order Wii Sing Rock here (standalone) or here (2 mic bundle).

Edited On 11 Dec, 2011

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