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Ninja Gaiden Sigma confirmed for Vita launch

Tecmo Koei has all but confirmed Ninja Gaiden Sigma will be launching alongside the Vita on February 22nd.

The news comes via the brand new official website for the game, which clearly shows a date of February 22, 2012. The format of the date does suggest it’s referring to the U.S launch, however we’d expect the game to arrive here in the UK and Europe around the same time.

According to the site, features of the Vita version include being able to aim your bow by using the PS Vita’s gyroscope controls and strengthen your Ninpo using the rear touch screen. It also mentions that there will be various play styles for different types of players as well as 20+ hours of gameplay.

Just how do you choose which game to buy in such an impressive launch line-up?

Edited On 12 Dec, 2011

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