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5 Games until Xmas: Batman: Arkham City

24 Games until Xmas is our special feature to build up to the end of the year, however that is not all.

Each member of staff was asked to provide their top twenty four games of the year; we have taken this list and will reveal a game each day until December 24, at which point we will unveil our number one game of the year.

There are some fantastic titles on the way and when the final game is revealed, that’s where you come in.

Once the number one game has been revealed we will then create a poll with all 24 games and ask you to vote on your own personal game of the year, this poll will run from December 24 until January 2nd, at which point we will announce the ShopToNews readers Game of The Year 2011.

We hope you are enjoying counting down our best 24 games of the year with us and if you have just joined us then make sure you check out the other games in the list.

Here’s the next…

5 Games until Xmas: Batman: Arkham City

The follow up to the outstanding Arkham Asylum shows the caped crusader in his toughest challenge yet. As Bruce Wayne tries to stop part of Gotham city being turned into a giant prison he is incarcerated by Dr. Hugo Strange forcing Bruce to stop his plot and find out the true purpose of Strange’s plans as his alter ego, Batman.

Batman Arkham City was a huge success and amazing sequel to the fantastic Arkham Asylum with plenty of additional content for players to enjoy, that allowed them to become engrossed in the Batman universe once again. However, unlike Arkham Asylum; players had more side quests which involved some of Batman’s finest rogue’s from his gallery such as Hush, Penguin and Mad Hatter as well as the recurring villains like The Joker and Riddler. Its hard to imagine a “Best Games of 2011″ list without Batman: Arkham City being high up.

The game also featured Catwoman as a playable character with a different side of the story which ran parallel to the main story, this has been followed up with similar DLC from Nightwing and Robin.

Batman is awesome to play and with the many side missions and challenge maps, it has a plenty of playtime. That’s not to mention, once you finish the main story you can then take to the skies and rooftops of Arkham City tackling the side missions including: solving crimes and saving innocent citizens.

You can grab Batman Arkham City on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC from Shopto in Standard (PS3|X360|PC), Steelbook Edition (PC|PS3) and the Collector’s Edition is still available on PS3 and via digital download for PC.

Edited On 20 Dec, 2011

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