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ShopTo introduces new reward scheme

Shopto.net is proud to announce a new addition to our membership scheme which will see you, our members, rewarded just for purchasing your favourite games.

As you may know, currently anyone registered and purchasing games on ShopTo.net is placed under the Gold, Silver, Bronze or Trader membership, depending on their buying habits. Each level of membership has it’s own benefits, however now there is even more reason to buy from ShopTo as anyone purchasing any item over £1 will be instantly rewarded for doing so.

Registered users who purchase a game or any other item will now receive 10 points for every £1 spent. The value of 100 points equates to £0.25, so for example, purchasing a game at around £30 will earn you 300 points, which is the equivalent of £0.75 to spend on whatever you want, although that’s not all.

Falling in line with ShopTo’s current membership scheme, anyone who is a Gold Member will have any points they earn doubled, while Silver Members will receive a multiplier of 1.5 on any points earned. Bronze members get no multiplier but are still rewarded with 10 points for every £1 spent.

All of this is in addition to the benefits already received by registered customers, such as special  offers, free-phone customer support and return postage for Gold Members and Silver Members.

“We have a more aggressive reward and membership scheme than those offered by our competitors. We have the fastest shipping process in the industry and now we also have the best membership scheme, making the shopping experience with us the most unique and rewarding in the market,” Said Igor Cipolletta, CEO of ShopTo.net.

This new addition to the membership scheme has launched as of today. Simply place your order and start enjoying this and our other exciting benefits.

Edited On 14 Dec, 2011

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