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PS Vita manual reveals replaceable battery *update*

Update: The English version of the PS Vita manual is now live, you can see it here. We have also posted more information from the manual below.

Original: Yet more news is appearing regarding the PS Vita following Sony Japan publishing the user manual on the internet.

Perhaps the biggest news to come out of this is that you can replace the battery, perhaps meaning that later down the line higher capacity batteries will be released by Sony.

There is also some other interesting information coming from the manual, for instance:

  • The PS button lights blue when you have notifications/messages.
  • You can have six Live Area apps open at once. When you open a seventh, the first app opened is terminated.
  • You can have 100 Live Area icons on the main pages (you can delete icons, edit their order, the background image, etc).
  • The PC management software provides a blanket backup/restore function for all the data on your card.
  • Downloaded games are installed automatically when you go back to the home screen. When installation of a game is complete, the game icon appears on the home screen.
  • You can synchronise trophies with the PSN and view them on PS3. Platinum trophies are also included.
  • The Vita takes around two hours to charge and a full charge provides around 4-5 hours of gaming.

Make sure you check out the manual for yourself as there is plenty of interesting information within.

Thanks, NeoGaf.

Edited On 16 Dec, 2011

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