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2 Games until Xmas – Skyrim

24 Games until Xmas is our special feature to build up to the end of the year, however that is not all.

Each member of staff was asked to provide their top twenty four games of the year; we have took this list and revealed a game each day until today, when we present you with our overall game of the year.

There have been some fantastic titles along the way, however we feel that our number one choice stood out above the rest, despite some outstanding competition.

You will soon get the chance to choose your very own Game of the Year, but for now, let us celebrate the ShopToNews Writers Game of the Year…..

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The king of RPGs, Bethesda Game Studios, returned earlier this year with the fifth title in their award winning Elder Scrolls series. Just like previous instalments, Skyrim gives players complete freedom from the word go. After choosing a race and customizing your character using an almost endless array of options, you’re free to play the game however you want; whether that’s cracking on with the main quest, finishing smaller side quests given to you by the citizens of Skyrim, or just exploring the beautiful world for countless hours.

The freedom of choice within the game allows any player, regardless of past experiences with the series, to pick up a controller and start playing. Skyrim will jump straight to top of a hardcore RPG fan’s list of favourites, whilst genre newcomers will take pleasure from an unfamiliar experience, that just happens to be one of this year’s finest.

“Beautiful world” isn’t and understatement either. Everything from the scenery, to the cities and characters that inhabit them will have the player amazed from start to finish and climbing to the peak of a mountain, just to admire the view can be just as entertaining as completing one of the game’s hundreds of action packed quests.

With unbelievable amounts of replay value, gorgeous visuals and almost faultless gameplay, there’s no denying that Skyrim is one of this year’s best titles, which is why it’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed by anybody.

If you want to find out more about Skyrim and our opinions of the game, you can do so by reading our review, before ordering a copy of the game on PS3, Xbox 360 or PC.

Do you own The Elder Scrolls V: Skrim? Have you played it or are you considering it? Let us know in the comments field below.

Edited On 23 Dec, 2011

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