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PlayStation Vita first look video

The PlayStation Vita is out in Japan and as you will have no doubt seen from our Uncharted Golden Abyss review, we have already imported one.

It has to be said that ever since we got our hands on this amazing device, we haven’t put it down; games such as Uncharted, Everybody’s Golf and Little Deviants have seen to that.

The Vita is certainly easy to get to grips with, thanks to its simple User Interface and touch sensitive oled screen. It’s hard to see how this won’t sell by the millions, although it’s only when you get hands on it yourself that you appreciate the thought which has gone into making the Vita one of the most impressive portable gaming devices that we have ever seen.

Of course it’s the games which will make or break the Vita, although it does have some other strings to its bow, some of which we take a look at in the video below.

The PS Vita arrives in the UK on February 22nd. You can You can pre-order from ShopTo here.

Edited On 31 Dec, 2011

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