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A closer looks at PS Vita’s Content Manager

Managing content between PS Vita and both PS3 and PC is an entirely different beast as it was from the PSP, thanks to the PS Vita’s included content manager.

Below we have filmed a video showing you how managing content on PS Vita is done through the device itself, taking away the need for clumsy PC and PS3 software and making navigation a whole lot easier.

Anything you require can easily be shifted between PS Vita and PC/PS3, be it music, video, photos and most importantly games, demos and save files.

The ease of use means that if you have a small memory card, you can easily transfer content between PC/PS3, allowing you to have virtually unlimited storage, without the need to spend out a lot of cash on an expensive memory card, although we would recommend having at least a 4gb card to get the most out of the Vita.

You can check out our video, which gives a brief overview of the Content Manager, below.

Edited On 03 Jan, 2012

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