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Star Wars: The Old Republic is fastest growing MMO

Star Wars: The Old Republic has generated a lot of interest since it was first announced but according to analysts, its generated more interest than we thought.

The Old Republic has had more than one million gamers register in its first few days of release and it even hit the one million mark before its 20 December release. With 140 servers currently live the statistics according to StatisticBrain are quite breathtaking, for example;

  • 3.8 million characters have been created.
  • 1 million of those characters carry Lightsabers (550,000 Sith Warriors and 510,000 Jedi Knights)
  • 2 billion NPC’s have been killed
  • 5 average hours played each day

Looks like Star Wars: The Old Republic will be a big contender in the MMO market this year and BioWare have shown there excitement. Dr. Ray Muzyka, General Manager of EA’s BioWare Label and CoFounder of BioWare had this to say:

“Everyone at BioWare, EA and LucasArts is honored – and humbled – by the stellar response from our fans. We’re going to work together closely with our community in the weeks, months and years ahead, continually serving our audience with regular delivery of compelling new features and content.”
Star Wars: The Old Republic has a lot of potential for 2012 and could see the statistics doubling in the coming month.

Edited On 03 Jan, 2012

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