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Alien Breed 3: Descent PSN review

For the uninitiated, the Alien Breed series was one of the true highlights to owning an Amiga in the early 1990’s. Its top down hectic blasting action was an absolute joy to behold for any joystick wielding gamer, and it proved that the chaps at Team 17 were absolute game design geniuses.

20 years later, and the third in a digital download trilogy brings the series right bang up to date. While dark and dingy tunnel setting may not be quite as fresh as it was two decades ago, there’s obvious reason why Team 17 have done little to tweak that addictive gameplay ideals we all enjoyed all those years ago.

To play, little has changed. The twin stick gameplay, allowing your in game character to strafe and swiftly manoeuvre around the cluttered landscape, is an absolute joy. And with so many enemies regular thrust in your direction, you’ll need to hone those slippery skills if you want to witness the conclusion of this trilogy.

Ammo is fairly scarce, frequently forcing you to frantically rush around to pick up any handy ammo drops populating the backdrop that’s decaying around you. It helps to invigorate the atmosphere, and you’ll be constantly finding yourself moving progressing slowly forward in order to somehow calm your fears for what’s just around the next corner.

For a relatively cheap download title, this does happen to be quite attractive. The dark and dingy atmosphere has been polished to a pretty high degree, with some glorious effects occurring from time to time. The Unreal Engine has once again proved that it can power some quite attractive titles.

That’s not to say that Alien Breed 3: Descent doesn’t have its share of flaws. The camera can, at times, do a damn good job of seeming to prevent you from peering just around the next bend, and allowing an unexpected enemy to knock you on your backside. Similarly, this isn’t the easiest title in the world, so expect quite a few deaths and drops back to a previous checkpoint.

Safe to say that for the tiny price point its retailing at, you can certainly do a heck of a lot worse than snap up Alien Breed 3: Descent. While it certainly avoids any real sense of innovation, its hark to the simpler days of your gaming lives can certainly keep you hooked until it’s conclusion. And for that alone, it’s worth your cash.

Score: 8/10

Alien Breed 3: Descent is available now via the Playstation Network. You can buy credit for the Playstation Network from ShopTo.

Edited On 16 Mar, 2011

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