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AMY release delayed on PS3 in the US

The zombie survival horror title, AMY has been delayed in the US due to pricing restructuring.The title will be seeing a slight delay due to a recent public poll, which asked if US customers wanted the game to be delayed to reduce the price or to pay an extra $3. The poll took place on Facebook, with Lexis Numerique letting fans price the game.

However, the price point for the Xbox 360 version was priced at 800 MSP, after the company discovered that the 1200 MSP that they originally wanted to charge would have made the game too expensive in the EU. Therefore, the pricing was reduced, Lexis Numérique has also clarified that the price difference “an attempt to make a few more bucks” on their part.

The publisher has stated: “Because of technical constrained of the PSN Store linked to the servers, this price change will postpone the release of the PSN version of AMY in the US to next week, Jan 17, 2012. This price drop will not affect the release of AMY in the other territories, or on other platforms, as the release date for the XBLA version is still slated for January 11 for 800 MS points in the US.”

The company also went on to say that: “[They] sincerely apologize for the confusion, and especially to those of you who have been supporting us for months and who would have liked a immediate release.”

Source: Vg247

Edited On 10 Jan, 2012

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