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Sony: PlayStation has the key to profit

Sony videogaming business, will help return the company to profitability, that’s according to Kazuo Hirai,  SCE chairman and Sony vice-president.

Speaking in a recent round table event at CES 2012, the man recently rumoured to be taking over as president stated that he believes the launch of PlayStation Vita, combined with other parts of the PlayStation business, will see the company return to profit.

According to Reuters, while Hirai and Stringer seemed to focus on PlayStation being the savoir, it seems the companies main focus is still on it’s televisions.

“The television is the home. We want to sustain the television as the center of the home,” said current president Howard Stringer.

“Television in our four-screen strategy is still the most powerful tool with the audience and we have just got to do a better job of making a profit of it,” he added.

Sony is set to face big competition from companies such as Apple, which is also soon planning to launch it’s own range of TV’s, it’ll be interesting to see how this particular competition pans out.

Edited On 11 Jan, 2012

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