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MW3 Elite Monthly Content Mapped Out

After a long and tedious wait, Activision have finally revealed their plans for their upcoming season on MW3 DLC Content.

Starting on January the 24th, premium(paid) subscribers of Call of Duty Elite will be able to get their hands on the first two content drops; which will then be followed by a rumoured 18 other content drops throughout the remaining months (February-September). As of now, Activision have confirmed that all these content drops will become available to Xbox LIVE first- due to their ongoing partnership with Xbox.

The first two content drops will be two multiplayer maps (also playable in Spec ops): Liberation and Piazza. Liberation takes setting in the iconic Central Park of New York City, where players will have to engage in long range sniper battles, while trying to also survive LMG fire – due to the maps vast open nature. Piazza on the other hand is the completely opposite, where you’ll have to navigate your way through a series of close-quarter street in an Italian seatown – where you’ll be attacked from above and below, as danger awaits round ever corner!

By mid-February, another content drop will become available, which will then be followed up by two addition ones in March. Once all the content drops have went live for Elite users in March, those of us who haven’t bought Elite will be able to buy the first MW3 map pack. What we can derive from this then, is that the first MW3 map pack will contain five maps!

Activision have also set up a series of Elite events to celebrate each content drop. So during the next 9 months, Elite subscribers will be able to contest in even more competitions for real life prizes!

Edited On 11 Jan, 2012

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