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Tiny Hawk Review

The creator of this game has taken a big risk with a name like Tiny Hawk. I mean, Activision’s annually flogged generic stuntman must be desperate for the cash considering his recent exploits. So really don’t be surprised when aggressive lawyers start banging at your door. 

As expected Tiny Hawk is a skateboarding game but on a PSN Mini scale. Presented as a classic 8bit retro style platform game and spread over 32 urban stages, Tiny needs to jump and grind his way through the streets, dodging water pools and the skateboarders worst enemy,the rumble strip pavement. The idea is, for Tiny to work his way through jumps and grinds to the exit,  collecting as many cans of pop along the way, but the path isn’t always clear, requiring death-defying roof jumps and long rail grinds to get to the finish line. Tiny propels himself along the streets, gathering more and more speed as he goes along unhindered, leaving you to just jump at the right time, pull off wall jumps (just hold the junp button down) or change direction.

The action is wickedly simple and has a decent “collect them all” element that will keep you coming back for a few games. However this is not nearly enough as you will find the 32 levels are completed within 20 minutes; leaving only short term challenge of collecting the remaining soda cans on a few of the levels you missed them on.

Sadly, price is also a major sticking point here, where Mini’s could be seen as a rival to the many games available via iTunes or the Android market the price does it no favors. For the length and simplicity of Tiny Hawk it should be more in line with the 69p games that fill up these online game hubs, not the £2.49 that PSN is expecting, shame.

Whilst playing Tiny Hawk was a fun experience and is a decent Mini for the PSP that showcases some classic retro looks and sounds but it’s just not enough to warrant the extortionate asking price. This is especially true, when there is a free Flash version available offering similar looks and levels.

Rating: Below Average

Edited On 11 Jan, 2012

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