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Sony taking considered approach to Vita software pricing

Jim Ryan, European President & CEO of SCE has told MCV that the hardware giant is taking a tailored approach to its software pricing with the PlayStation Vita.

“We have taken a rather intelligent, tailored approach to software pricing this time,” says Ryan. “Rather than just sticking everything out at a double-A price and seeing what works and what doesn’t. This time, we are recognising the new realities of the portable gaming world, we have looked carefully at each title and its merits.

“Uncharted is a title that we feel justifies that sort of high price point. Some of the other games that are maybe less grand in their scale, we’ve sought to price accordingly. We’ve tried to strike a good balance between consumer proposition, value and price.”

Currently prices for software at retail stand between around £22 – £38 based on shopto prices, which seems to come into line with 3DS software prices.

Ryan failed to mention how pricing will differ between retail and the PlayStation Network. In Japan for example, most games are around ¥1000 less than at retail, although given SCEE’s history when it comes to downloadable titles it seems that this will not be the case in Europe.

Edited On 13 Jan, 2012

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