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Vita launch titles file sizes revealed

The initial batch of Sony Vita launch games have had their file sizes revealed, showing us what to expect when the games start hitting retail.

It seems TheSixthaxis has had its initial batch of review games and although as of yet Sony has not sent us any, we can see that the file sizes do vary quite a bit in size.

  • WipEout 2048: 1.6GB
  • Reality Fighters: 670MB
  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss: 3.3GB
  • Everybody’s Golf 6: 1.2GB
  • ModNation Racers: 1.4GB
  • Little Deviants: 1GB

As you can see, the file sizes come in between 600mb to around 3.5GB, meaning that if you are downloading these from the store you will need a large memory card, especially when you take into account the patches and save files.

Hopefully Sony will send us some review code soon so that we can start reviewing the games for you, in the meantime though keep an eye on the site for more Vita news.

Edited On 13 Jan, 2012

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