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Gears 3: Fenix Rising Out Now + Screenshots

With the next installment of the Gears 3 season of DLC out today, Epic Games have finally decided to give us a peek behind the curtain at what to expect from the Fenix Rising map pack.

Fenix Rising features five spectacular maps that are all inspired by chunks of Marcus Fenix’s past life experiences- or should I say tragedies! Not only will you gain access to five amazing maps, but you’ll also be able to get four new character skins and a new experience system that’s very reminiscent of Call of Duty’s prestige system, dubbed ‘Re-upping’.

Re-upping will allow you to turn back the clock and restart back at level one up to three times; which will allow you to gain access to new weapon skins and exclusive emblems. Each time you re-up you’ll unlock a new wing color: red, green and gold, respectively.

If all this sounds good to you, then jump on the Xbox Live Marketplace right now and download the map pack for only 800msp – or if you were smart enough to invest in the Gears 3 DLC season pass, then it’s free!

Here’s a peek at what’ll you’ll be getting into :

Edited On 17 Jan, 2012

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