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Rumour: Next Xbox chip goes into production for dev kits

The Xbox Next/720 Oban chip is in initial production, according to a new report by Semi Accurate.

Sources at IBM, have apparently told the website that the Oban chip started running in the final days of 2011, with another source at Microsoft replying with a rather explicit “Who the f*&$ told you that? I am going to f#*&ing rip someone’s head off,” upon hearing the news.

According to the site, other sources at Microsoft, confirmed that around 10,000 chips are currently in production, mostly at IBM, with Global Foundries also contributing some resources to the project.

Semi Accurate speculates that the Oban chip for the  XBox Next/720 is a Power PC CPU plus an ATI GCN/HD7000/Southern Islands GPU, pointing to several licensing agreements that cover what can be made.

Here’s another interesting part, apparently these chips are NOT destined for production consoles, but debug kits, pointing to a March date for getting it into the hands of developers.

Sources of SA are still saying to expect silicon production for retail consoles to start late this year, meaning the console will not be in the hands of the consumer until Spring 2013, although we are still expecting a Xmas 2013 release.

Thanks, MoonMatter.

Edited On 19 Jan, 2012

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