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Twisted Metal to get demo, day one patch

Eat Sleep Play chief David Jaffe has confirmed that Twisted Metal will receive both a demo and a day one patch.

According to Jaffe, the Twisted Metal day one patch is “very, very, very small,” but obviously worth having.

“I’ve gone on record: I hate patches. But that said – they’re important in some cases.” says Jaffe in his latest video blog.

“Once you go gold, you have a couple of weeks to really play the game, and me and the QA guys, we’re just like, ‘You know, this seems a little unbalanced. It would be really cool if this weapon did a little less damage.’ It takes a lot of time to suss those things out.”

There was even plans for a bigger patch, however these are on hold for now, with Jaffe saying, “you start downloading a huge, memory-intensive level and it starts to feel like, ‘I just bought this, I just wanna play.

“If the game is successful enough we’d love to do future tweaks and adjustments to the game, and some of those hopefully will be level-based. Those might be a little longer.”

There was no other information regarding the demo at the moment.

Edited On 23 Jan, 2012

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