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ShopTo announces racing bundles for PS Vita

ShopTo has today announced two racing bundles for the PlayStation Vita, meaning you can pick up a game alongside your Vita and save some cash at the same time.

There are two racing bundles available, the first will allow you to pick up either the WiFi Model and a copy of Ridge Racer for £239.84, saving you over £10 or you can also opt for the 3G Model with the same game, saving you the same amount.

The other racing bundle will allow you to pick up a WiFi Vita and F1 2011 for just £244.85, a saving of £25.13 or you can opt for the 3G version with the same game, again saving you £25.13.

Remember, any bundle you buy will earn you points, perhaps even enough to get yourself an accessory with the money you have saved.

We will continue to bring you coverage of Vita, so look out for reviews and more previews before and after the consoles launch.

Edited On 23 Jan, 2012

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