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Dust 514 could allow Virtual trading on PS3

Hilmar Pétursson, CEO of Dust 514 developer CCP Games, has said that Sony may allow players to trade items virtually via the PS3.

According to Pétursson, the new policy is expected to entail multiple pricing tiers for different virtual items, allowing the game to try and replicate the success of its PC equivelant (EVE Online) on the PS3.

This particular policy is currently being created with Dust 514 specifically in mind, however, in the future it could be modified for other games, such as Sony’s own properties DC Online and FreeRealms.

If players buy into the idea of trading Virtual items for real money then this could be yet another stream of revenue for Sony, which can only be a good thing, especially if this money is reinvested in developing new, exciting IP’s.

Thanks, Develop.

Edited On 24 Jan, 2012

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