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Wii U to arrive before years end

Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii U will arrive in Japan, the U.S and Europe before the end of the year.

The company revealed the news following the release of its third quarter 2012 financial results, stating that the console is set for a re-reveal at E3 2012 in June. Nintendo also stated that the console would not be released before April, suggesting that it may be set for a staggered 2012 release.

It’s unknown which games will arrive at the consoles launch, although we already know that titles such as Darksiders II and a new Ninja Gaiden game are in the works.

Microsoft is also expected to unveil a new console at E3 this year, although this particular console is not expected to arrive until sometime in late 2013. Sony is yet to show its hand, although we are still expecting any new console from the company to arrive around the same time or soon after the next Xbox.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

Edited On 26 Jan, 2012

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