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From Dust: Highest grossing XBLA game of 2011

Forecasting & Analyzing Digital Entertainment have today revealed that Microsoft broke yet another record last year; where Xbox Live Arcade drew in a staggering £91 million in revenue during the calendar year! These figures have also revealed a pretty surprising 18% growth within the XBLA community – which showcases that arcade titles are highly in-demand.

Eric Chahi’s “From Dust” was at the head of the charge last year, during Microsoft’s highly promoted ‘ Summer of Arcade’ season that we all witnessed during July. From Dust sold a surprising 308,000 unit during 2011 alone; which means it also gathered in a gross revenue of around £3 million – the highest yet for any third-party XBLA game!

The resounding success of XBLA games in 2011 really boils down to The Summer of Arcade movement, as seven out of the top ten highest grossing arcade games of the year came from that promotion. This doesn’t really come as a shock, as in previous years the promotional movement has witnessed much success; such as their first year when they promoted Castle Crashers; which to this date has sold over two million units alone! Between Castle Crashers sales on XBLA and PSN, it is in fact the highest grossing downloadable game ever (on consoles).

With figures like these coming from The Summer of Arcade, we’re sure these figures and records are going to be broken yet again this year. Not only will new records potentially be set; but we may also see XBLA’s growth continue to flourish – only time will tell.

Edited On 26 Jan, 2012

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