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DC Universe Online defeating hackers

Beware evil doers because DCUO will not tolerate hackers, and they know who you are.

Over the past 12 hours the lads at DC Universe Online have suspended players for hacking the game and using 3rd party software. Sony have stated they will find hackers with their “greatly enhanced ability to detect this kind of hack.”

Sounds like Sony is out to get those who like to take the dishonest route as per this post on the  DC forum.

Over the last 12 hours we have suspended a number of accounts that have been identified as having altered the game functionality to gain advantage in DCUO. With our greatly enhanced ability to detect this type of hack, these accounts represented the most egregious violators and we will continue to improve and extend these capabilities moving forward. Altering game code or using external 3rd party tools to change the intended functionality is a violation of the Terms of Service and will result is suspensions as well as permanent account banning with repeat violations. I cannot stress enough that if you value your investment in the game and in your character that you adhere to the Terms of Service and play DCUO in the manner it was meant to be played.

DC Universe Online is available on PC and PS3. It’s also free to play.

Edited On 26 Jan, 2012

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