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Quick Look: PS Vita Clean ‘n’ Protect kit

As you may have read previously on the site, 4Gamers were recently kind enough to send us over three of the four PS Vita cases which it will be releasing alongside Sony’s new handheld, well now we have the fourth.

Selling for £12.85 on Shopto.net, 4Gamers Clean ‘n’ Protect kit is a well designed and well put together piece of protection for your Vita.

What we like most about it is that it has been designed to clean the Vita as you go about your daily business, thanks to its unique cleaning cloth interior. It’s also quite a small case, not adding much more weight to the overall unit. Finally it also has a drawstring for protection, meaning your Vita is not likely to slip out unexpectedly.

Having carried the Vita around in it for the best part of a day, we can say it certainly does a good job of keeping the screen clean, that is until you put your fingers all over it again. Interestingly, unlike the other cases, it also comes with a wrist strap and a little screen wipe dangler, allowing you the ability to clean the screen during play.

Coming in three different colours, the clean & protect kit is yet another great way to protect your Vita when you’re out and about.

You can check out and pre-order any of 4Gamers Vita cases here (see accessories). Who knows, you may even earn enough points to cover most of the cost if you pre-order your Vita from ShopTo.

Edited On 26 Jan, 2012

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