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PlayStation Vita Rooms: Our Day in Glasgow

We have already visited the PlayStation Vita Rooms in London and Manchester, as well as bringing you coverage of the Vita from Cologne. So we thought we would complete our mini tour of the UK and Europe by heading north and more specifically, to Joe and Ash’s home town, Glasgow.

The PlayStation Vita Rooms packed up shop at Manchester and arrived in cold Glasgow this week, giving those of us north of the border a hands on experience on Sony’s new handheld console and whetting our appetites even more for the ever closer February release date.

We have already provided plenty of coverage of Sony’s first party games from our previous trips, so this time we decided to concentrate on the third party titles, namely Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom and Rayman Origins. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom

The first hands on was with Capcom’s hyper fast fighter UMVC3, which has had a slight rejigging over the home consoles, making this a hot title ready for release date. Not having played with disc version it’s hard to tell who is new on the roster, there are just so many characters to choose from, with well over 45 crammed into the selection screen and that’s not including all of their alternate costumes. Gameplay is what to expect from a Capcom fighter, bright, easy to pick up and extremely fast. For such a small screen the characters fill the space well, with the camera coping well with fights between the huge Incredible Hulk and the diminutive Rocket Racoon looking great and managing to keep the pace.

The Vita version also allows for some touch screen action and whilst responsive it felt strange to use, making it more of an iPhone game rather than the combo heavy button masher we all associate these games with. On the left of the screen you can walk back and forth with small slides of your thumb and a double tap to rush. The right side is tapped at frantically to punch and kick, with the game deciding of the best moves to use, kind of like fighting on autopilot. An ideal mode for using on public transport but will probably be shunned by the fighting elite.

With online modes, NEAR functions and some new character skins, could this be the final ultimate edition?

Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins was one game very low on our list to look at considering it’s only just being released on the home consoles, but after this hands on it’s now a must have launch title. Following our home console review we all know this is a great game, but on the backlit Vita screen it somehow looks even better, with Rayman and pals jumping around numerous cartoon worlds. Though no sign of the multiplayer exploits from the console version this still plays and looks like its big brother with an animated look that Disney would be jealous of.

The touch screen controls are to a minimum but that doesn’t affect the overall feel, with touch menus and the ability to zoom in and out of the action, they function well but really don’t offer too much and it will be interesting to see what other Vita additions are hidden away in this portable version.

Though there will be plenty of racers and fighting games to choose from, I am personally hoping for the rebirth of the humble platformer and with games like this on the Vita, there is bound to be more on the future.

Get to Glasgow

There isn’t long left to visit the pop-up store, situated at 221 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow; it’s about a 5 min walk from both Queen Street and Central train stations so if you are bored over the weekend venture into the city. You won’t regret it and will be met with some fantastic, friendly staff.

Edited On 27 Jan, 2012

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