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Resident Evil Revelations review

Resident Evil Revelations brings horror to the 3DS, but not in a bad way. Finally this series seems to be heading back to its roots, creeping up on you and making you jump in ways you didn’t expect. It’s certainly not perfect mind you, but it’s a start.

Straight from the beginning Revelations grabs your attention. With its stunning 3D cut scenes this game certainly knows how to present its story. Then as you begin the action and all through it’s lengthy single player campaign, you begin to appreciate the work Capcom has put into bringing this series back to what it once was.

Revelations story is set between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. At the start of the game it’s explained that the area in which you find yourself – Terragrigia ‘a floating city’ in the Mediterranean Sea – was once one of the top tourist destinations in the world, however due to its reliance on solar power it fell fowl of Il Veltro, which launched a bio-chemical attack on the city. Even though some agents were sent to keep the situation under control, it was reported that all of them were wiped out and eventually the area was declared a biohazard site, however some of the agents escaped.

Anyway, moving on to the present day and Il Veltro are back and are reportedly responsible for causing a new chemical attack on the Queen Zenobia, an abandoned cruise ship in the area, which you will soon discover wouldn’t be the ideal place to be on a relaxing, around the world, trip. In response to this agents Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat where sent to investigate, however when things go quiet, both Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani also head to the ship to look for them.

So that’s us up to speed and as you can guess, most of the action takes place on this dark and mysterious ship. A ship which has dark corners, narrow corridors and plenty of opportunity for making you jump out of your skin. Everything about the game blends together enough to make the atmosphere what it should be. The sound for instance is wonderfully composed, making those narrow corridors even creepier to make your way around, whether its the intense music or the times where the music fades out completely, only leaving the odd noise, it all builds up to some nerve wracking moments.

If there is one thing that perhaps adds to the tension even more then it’s the main enemies. The  Ooze. These slow moving creatures seem to pop out of anywhere, although are perhaps not as fun to shoot at as zombies since they don’t react to the impact of your bullets. Adding The Ooze in is certainly offers a clever twist at points, although the jury is out as to whether they bring more to the game than zombies do.

Even though combat and the atmosphere are an important part of Revelations, a new addition, The Genesis scanner, helps to add yet another twist to the game. The Genesis is a fantastic addition as it allows you to search for items, foes, and traps, meaning that you will perhaps spend longer in each area as you search for clues and look for ways to improve your characters chances of survival.

Though zombie wolves and Ooze give plenty of scares and creepy moments, sometimes you just need a huge boss to poop your pants to and Revelations does not disappoint, with a great rouges gallery that includes some impressive creatures, from the lumbering tank that is the ex comms officer to a huge killer crustacean, you will have to keep your wits about you to defeat these super-infected. On a side note, I would like to thank now the forgotten soul who placed all those red explosive canisters so conveniently around the levels.

Of course Resident Evil Revelations is the first title to utilize the Circle Pad Pro peripheral and it works like a dream, through a little wonky initially as the screen is not centered, this is soon forgotten, allowing you to take easy control during the game. With a very quick setup when you first boot the game, this time the aim and fire buttons are on the shoulder buttons and the extra slider is now your camera, making disabling leg shots and those tough to pull off head shots a whole lot easier. Of course you can play without the new peripheral, making the game feel like its predecessors, not really a bad thing, plus the game also caters for the 3DS built in gyro, allowing you to aim by tilting the screen, although this affects the 3D visuals so it is better without.

As well as the great single player mission there is even a decent multiplayer mode on offer that takes the initial 8 hour experience and extends it exponentially, something that is a rarity on the Nintendo console. During the single player mode you will unlock the Raid Mode, a co-op mode that allows for either local or online players to team up and battle through stages taken from the main story. The idea behind Raid Mode is to literally get to the finish point, a golden BSAA Emblem, alive, quickly and with a huge kill count; with the more kills earning you more item drops like weapons and customization items and also Battle Points which can be used to purchase even more items.

The loot drops are somewhat random, making repeat play essential to tool and level up your characters. After each raid you are able to visit the shop, where you can spend your hard earned Battle Points and even the Nintendo Coins you earned from wandering around town, on even better items, with each weapon able to be upgraded by putting items in their available slots like partial stealth or higher damage. The RPG light feel is spread though the Raid Mode, with enemies now hosting health bars to show how much damage you are dishing out, plus rather like an MMO, your damage is shown on screen with every shot taken, allowing you to tinker with each weapon to see what works best at any given time. The enemies that you would of come across in single player have also have been tweaked, with them taking more damage, being twice the size and/or moving real quick; so don’t go expecting an easy ride here.

The Raid Mode is an interesting and step forward in the Resident Evil series and one that I would love to see improved over the coming years, how about 4 man raids MMO style on the consoles.

Overall it has to be said that Resident Evil: Revelations is a pretty impressive package. Its hard to see how any game on the 3DS in the future will trump its visual presentation. Best of all though, it’s good to see Resident Evil going back to its roots.

Rating: ExcellentReview Policy(version tested: 3DS)

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Edited On 30 Jan, 2012

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