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Latest Nintendo DLC Deals w/c 30th January

Building on last weeks strong line-up, Nintendo are this week gifting us four all-new excellent games that will be sure to whet any gamers appetite!

There’s no clear cut star of the show this time around, although the most popular already seems to be 3D Classics Kid Icarus; as who doesn’t love to dive into the life of Pit and relive the classic adventure!?

If Kid Icarus doesn’t stir up any interest for you however, there’s three other games for you to sink your teeth into, here they all are:

Nintendo eShop – 3Ds Only

3D Classics Kid Icarus (£5.40) - Join angelic warrior Pit as this iconic Nintendo action-platformer returns, with remastered 3D visuals in 3D Classics Kid Icarus™. Pit must save goddess Palutena from evil Medusa to defend Angel Land.  Using his trusty bow and arrow he must seek out the Three Sacred Treasures on a journey from the underworld to the sky.

Nintendo eShop/Dsi Shop

Castle Conqueror Against (£1.80/200 Dsi Points)- The Empire has invaded your beautiful island in search of gold, hunting many innocent people on the way.  Some tribes have even betrayed their faith for fear of the intruders.  As a famous warrior and a loyal worshipper, the island’s god has given you his blessing to curse and punish the invaders to protect your tribe.

Pinball Pulse: The Ancient Beckon- eShop addition (£4.50/500 Dsi Points)- Take on Zeus in a game of fast-paced pinball in Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon. Boost your points playing different modes based on the legends of Greek mythology such as Medusa, who can turn your steel ball into stone. The action happens across both screens of your Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS featuring all the lights and sounds of a real pinball table with a stirring soundtrack to accompany your play.


TNT Racers (1000 Wii Points)- Start revving your engine and outrun your rivals in this action packed multiplayer racing game for Wii.  TNT – Tracks ’N’ Tricks – is a game with new features, gadgets and race courses for you to master as your opponents eat dust!

Edited On 30 Jan, 2012

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