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SCEA confirms discount for Vita titles on PS Store

Sony has confirmed to The Verge that Vita games on the PlayStation Network are to be discounted in the U.S.

This news comes after reports appeared last night, showing a Best Buy poster which listed the cost of the Vita PSN titles at what appeared to be a 10% discount in comparison to their retail equivalent.

The actual discount is as yet unspecified by Sony, but at least we know that the company isn’t planning to charge ridiculously over the top prices for its PSN offerings. Although the same discount applies in Japan, it’ll be the first time that Sony has providing competitive prices for games which are launching day and date with their boxed versions.

Remember, even though Sony may offer a discount on Vita PSN titles, it’ll still be worth shopping around. Memory cards are expensive after all.

We will contact Sony Europe to ask if it is also planning to provide a discounted price on Vita titles on PSN.

Edited On 01 Feb, 2012

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