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New releases will be at GAME this Friday, company in trouble?

Rumours that this week’s big releases will not be available in GAME are untrue, although it does seem the company is having some financial difficulties.

Nowgamer reported this morning that the company is facing challenges regarding its credit insurance, saying that this could mean the non-appearance of new releases on the shelves of its stores this week. While it has since been confirmed by MCV that the company is indeed facing some issues, it has not got to the stage where new releases will not arrive on the shelves.

According to MCV, GAME is now having to work individually with publishers to find answers to the financing problems, though internally the retailer has been reassured by how supportive the games industry has been thus far. It is also currently engaged in talks regarding future releases.

The main problem for the company seems to lie in the fact GAME is now being asked to pay for new stock with cash, therefore if GAME doesn’t have the cash, it could result in no new stock, which could explain why no new releases have been added to the site until today.

“The trouble they [GAME] are in is with all publishers and not just a select few and it’s not a case of publishers not supplying them with stock, without insurance they would have to pay for stock up front which is proving difficult for them,” one anonymous source told Eurogamer.

Rumours that staff have not been paid seem to be untrue.

Currently if you have any pre-orders with GAME then it seems you shouldn’t worry.

Edited On 01 Feb, 2012

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