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Poll results: Survey says WiFi Vita is way to go

A few weeks ago we polled you, our users, to find out which version of the PlayStation Vita you are intending to buy, now we the results.

It will perhaps come as no surprise that a large percentage of the votes (61.35%), have decided to opt for the WiFi version, while 23.9% are opting to pay a little more for the 3G version.

Other votes were split between not buying the device because it’s too expensive (10.76%) and not buying it because your just not interested (3.98%).

It comes as no surprise to us that most have opted to go for the WiFi version, after all, if you aren’t planning on using features such as the GPS when on the go, then the extra expense of both the unit and the cost of topping up your data usage is just not really worth it.

We would be interested to know why 23.9% are interested in the 3G unit. We’d guess that this is because they just want the best unit available at the time, giving piece of mind that they won’t be left out should developers provide unique features for this unit in their games.

Whatever unit you decide to buy there are certainly not a shortage of games, with well over 20 planned for launch at retail alone.

The PlayStation Vita launches on February 15 for early purchasers in the U.S and February 22 for everyone else. Do you have one pre-ordered? If so what model and which games? Let us know in the comments field below.

Edited On 05 Feb, 2012

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