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PS Vita games appear on US Store, 10% standard discount

Sony has released a few of its launch games on the US Store for PlayStation Vita, giving us an idea of the initial cost of the titles.

So far it seems that there will be a 10% discount applied to Vita games, although in the case of Uncharted, for the moment at least, there is no discount.

The games listed below where all found by a GAF user using the search functionality, so whether these discounts will be altered before launch or not remains to be seen.

Here’s the list:

Uncharted $50 (3.2 GB) (no discount, lol) Hot Shots (1.15 GB) $36 ($40 MSRP) WipEout 2048 (1.6GB) $36 ($40 MSRP) Super Stardust Delta (208 MB) $10 – PSN title Modnation Racers Road trip (1.5 GB) $27 ($30 MSRP)

Based on these prices, it seems that despite the discount, you’ll still be able to pick the launch games up at ShopTo for a lot cheaper (with the exception of Super Stardust Delta which is a digital only title).

What do you think of the prices above?

Edited On 08 Feb, 2012

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