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PS Vita: The Games – our views, our verdict, our schedule

The press embargo for the PS Vita ends at 14.00pm today. To be honest we don’t think we have ever posted so many reviews in one day, usually sticking to around one or two to enable you the chance to read them.

Today is different. With the PS Vita receiving so many games at launch we want you to have the chance to consider which titles you would like to buy alongside your console, therefore when the embargo ends at 14.00pm we will be bringing you our reviews over the course of the rest of today.

We do have some other titles to review which will not appear today, and we expect to continue adding to this list until we cover every launch title, but for now here is our schedule for the rest of today.

PS Vita Reviews – 13/02

Now LIVE – Uncharted Golden Abyss [import] review

Now LIVE – Little Deviants [import] review

Now LIVE – Wipeout 2048 Review

Now LIVE – Everybody’s Golf Review

Now LIVE – Modnation Racers: Road Trip Review

Now LIVE – Reality Fighters Review

Now LIVE – Marvel vs Capcom 3 Review

As mentioned above we will also be bringing you more Vita reviews between now and the launch of the console in addition to those above.

You can also expect us to continue to provide the same coverage for the Vita as we do for every other console, in terms of news, previews and reviews.

We hope you enjoy today’s coverage.

Edited On 13 Feb, 2012

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