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Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack looks to Vita launch

DrinkBox Studios has confirmed Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is set to launch alongside the PS Vita.

The game is currently down for the February 22nd release date, with a price of $7.99 (around £4.99).

“We’re thrilled to have Mutant Blobs Attack as one of the first PlayStation Vita downloadable titles, and for us to have hit our day-one launch goal,” said Ryan MacLean, DrinkBox CEO. “Everyone at DrinkBox Studios is super happy with the end product and we decided to sell it for only $7.99.

“It’s a crazy low price point. Insanely low. I’m insane. HUUAGGGGH Backflip!”

In addition to this news, Drinkbox also revealed a new premium bundle for the game’s PlayStation 3 system predecessor, Tales from Space: About a Blob.

“We’re also going to start selling the original About a Blob for $7.99 and a new bundle pack with About a Blob and bunch of DLC for $9.99. I’m crazy for setting these prices, but you’d be crazier for not taking advantage of them. Don’t be like me.”

Edited On 14 Feb, 2012

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