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London Vita Rooms to accompany handheld launch

London’s Oxford Street will next week play host to the popular PS Vita Rooms event, which has so far travel around the country to places such as Manchester and Glasgow.

This will allow those who are yet to make up their mind to get hands-on with the console, before deciding whether to part with the cash or not.

Those attending will be able to play all the latest games, while there will also be performances from artists such as Wiley and Tinchy Stryder.

You can read all about the PS Vita and its games in our launch centre.

Here’s the schedule:

Friday 17th February

12pm – 6pm: Hands-on

Saturday 18th February

11am – 5.30pm: Hands-on 4pm – 4.30pm: Wiley performance

Sunday 19th February

11am – 6pm: Hands-on 3pm – 6pm: FIFA IWC UK Qualifiers 6.30pm – 10pm: FIFA IWC UK Final

Monday 20th February

12pm – 6.30pm: Hands-on

Tuesday 21st February

12pm – 6.30pm: Hands-on

Wednesday 22nd February

12pm – 8pm: Hands-on 6.30pm – 7pm: Tinchy Stryder performance

Edited On 14 Feb, 2012

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