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PlayStation EU Blog taking your Vita questions

The Twitter account for PlayStation Europe is taking questions from you regarding the PlayStation Vita, which is due for release next Wednesday.They will be accepting questions throughout the week from questions tagged with the hashtag #vitadeets.

So far there has been a few unanswered questions answered, we have put together a short list of answered questions to make it easy to find. We’ll add to it as the week goes to give you a one stop shop for Vita questions. Questions asked will be in Bold and answers will be Italics.

What’s happening with the UMD Passport scheme?

There is no news on the UMD Passport scheme for Europe at the moment. But you can download any PS Store PSP game onto the Vita.

What will come in the box and does it come with a memory card?

In the box will be a USB/power cable, six AR cards and a voucher to download some free AR games.

Will the PS Vita and PS3 pool trophies together?

Yes, you can have the device show all of your PlayStation Network trophies or just your Vita ones. (We think that the poster was asking whether you can see your Vita Trophies on PS3 and vice versa.)

Will Near work on both models?

Yes, Near works on both models.

Can I play my free (promotional) PSP Go games on the PS Vita?

Yes, you can.

If I import a game card will I be able to play in on my native account?

Yes, but you will need to be careful about English language options as not all games will support it.

Is Gravity Rush a launch game?

Gravity Rush is not a launch game, but will be coming to Europe. The date has not been set, announcement coming soon.

Will a 3G PS Vita be required for playing multiplayer over cross platform?

No, both models support CrossPlay.

What social applications will be out at launch?

Social apps will be: LiveTweet (Twitter), Facebook, Flickr, Near and Party.

Do you have to buy a 3G PS Vita from Vodafone to get the free WipeOut?

That offer is exclusive to Vodafone. It has to be bought from a Vodafone store. (This doesn’t seem to be a definite answer as we were told by Vodafone that as long as you top-up a fiver with them on the sim card, you can buy the PS Vita from anywhere.)

Will the PS Store be live and updated for launch?

It will be ready for launch day.

If there is a game that is available on Vita and PS3 will it be shared trophies lists?

There will be seperate trophy lists. (They were not 100% on this though) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

That is all the questions and answers for now, but we will update when the next round of Q&As are up. We will attempt to get some more confirmed answers to the unsure questions.

Source: PS EU Twitter

Edited On 15 Feb, 2012

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