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EA sending Mass Effect 3 into space

EA is sending full copies of Mass Effect 3 into space next week, giving fans the chance to play a week early when they come back down to earth.

In what is perhaps the most bizarre story this month so far, US Today reports that Electronic Arts will be launching copies of the game into space using weather balloons that will be released in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Berlin, London and Paris.

Now for the clever part. Each copy has a GPS tracking device onboard and fans can track their return to the Earth on masseffect.com, enabling them to find a copy and play it a week or more before the game arrives at retail.

We love the thought of playing a copy of Mass Effect 3 that has been sent to space.

Make sure you also follow @MassEffect on twitter, to ensure that you get a chance, albeit a small one, to get your hands on an early copy of Mass Effect 3.

Edited On 16 Feb, 2012

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