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Vodafone PS Vita Sims are not activated [Update]

Update 2: It seems that even with the advise within this article, people are still experiencing issues topping up, therefore we’d recommend that you call Vodafone customer services.

Update: Vodafone has kindly updated us on the issues surrounding the sim cards included with the PS Vita and has provided the following guide to setting up your Vita with your sim card.

Please find below how to set up your device for 3G connection and TopUp:

  • Power ON – Press Power button for 5 seconds and the PS button will light blue
  • Set up screen – Select language, set date and time zone
  • Wi-Fi – Find and connect to selected Wi-Fi network
  • Update – Upgrade to the latest software. This is required upon initial setup the first time the device is switched on
  • 3G – Configure your device to connect to the mobile network feature selecting Vodafone UK through the Network Operator screen
  • Top up through the Vodafone icon on the Network Operator screen (you might have to wait for a few minutes for the Vodafone icon to appear after the software update is complete)
  • WipEout 2048 – You’ll then receive your activation code. More information on how to claim here – Sony PlayStation Vita Free WipEout 2048 Offer From Vodafone

Original: Having problems topping up your 3G PS Vita with Vodafone in order to get your free copy of Wipeout 2048? So are we, however we have also found out the solution.

It seems that Vodafone have forgotten to mention that the sim cards included within the box are not activated, something which is not mentioned on the guide included or on any of the websites.

A quick call to Vodafone helps resolve this issue, then allowing you top up at your leisure.

We have made Vodafone and Sony aware of the problem.

Edited On 22 Feb, 2012

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