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Plants vs Zombies (vita) review

It seems strange reviewing Plants vs Zombies for the PlayStation Vita, after all there can’t be many people out there who don’t own this game in one form or another already. On the flip side though, I know for a fact that those same people, the ones now holding a shiny new Vita, are out there sitting at home, trying their best to resist the urge to download this game once more.

To give a quick description for the few who have never played, Plants vs Zombies is a simple game. zombies are attacking your home and you need to stop them. To do so you must grow plants with speed, which in turn will allow you to attack the zombies and knock their heads off. The longer you play and further you progress, the more plants you will unlock, allowing you to have a large arsenal of living organisms to stave off the ever growing army of zombies which are heading towards your humble abode. The problem is, the zombies also become stronger and more unique as the game goes on, making for one tough challenge. To summarize, Plants vs Zombies is tower defense at its finest and the PS Vita version captures everything about it.

There isn’t too much different about the PS Vita version as far as the gameplay and controls go. Taking a leaf (pun intended) from the iPhone and other touchscreen devices, to play you simply touch the screen to select your plant, placing them where you think would be most beneficial. What is unique about the PS Vita version is that instead of collecting the suns needed to grow plants you can simply tip the Vita slightly, which in turn will see these and any coins you have earned from killing zombies, collected. This is a nice little touch and it certainly comes in handy when things are getting a bit hectic on-screen.

Away from the main mode, there are quite a few other differences that we’ve noticed. This version includes leaderboards which are represented by a house for each of your friends. As you complete more of the game, the houses and lawns change, showing you and your friends progress in a more visual way than a standard leaderboard would. The normal style leaderboards are still there too, allowing you to filter between overall scores and friends. It’s a nice touch to have the leaderboards here, as these social aspects which are spread across all of the launch games so far seem to be one of the PlayStation Vita’s strong points.

As well as the leaderboards, Plants Vs. Zombies on the Vita also includes all of the original game modes including the puzzle and survival modes and even the Zen Garden. The mini games are also present, so for example, you can have a game of bowling or slot machines, with the main prize being not to have your brains eaten by the zombies who are constantly breathing down your neck.

Finally, there is the Zombatar, which allows you to create your own Zombie. This not only allows you to create a unique zombie, but even better, it puts it in the game. Yes, that’s right, now you can make your very own Frankenstein, with the added bonus that you get to kill it with some plants before it does any real damage. What’s not to love?

Presentation wise its hard to pick a fault with the PS Vita version. The graphics are sharp, crisp and the colours vibrant, all thanks to the Vita’s fantastic screen. Everything else is in place too, such as the now familiar sound effects and that music. Nothing is missing, it’s a perfect translation.

It’s hard to say if you already own this game if you should go and splash out again after all, it is essentially the same as all of the other versions with just a few added extras and of course, trophies. In saying that though, if you love Plants vs Zombies as much as we do, then you already know what the answer to that question is. So go on, get downloading, there’s a zombie on your lawn.

Plants vs Zombies is available now from the PlayStation Store via PS Vita, why not buy some instant PSN credit from ShopTo and save yourself some cash on this and other games.

Rating: ExcellentReview Policy(version tested: PS Vita)

Edited On 23 Feb, 2012

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