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Top Darts (vita) Review

Don’t fancy putting holes in your lovely Liberty print flocked wallpaper; then step up to the oche with Top Darts, a must have purchase for your Sony Vita.

Brought to us by Devil’s Details, this is Top Darts third time out, but don’t think  it’s just taking advantage of a new market as there have been many improvements made to this already decent title.

For those of us that do not fancy trying our luck down the pub for a few throws, this Vita version is ideal, offering many different rules of darts to keep it fresh, with the classic games, arcade style games and even some more extravagant games you wouldn’t find down your local boozer like a spinning board or themed designs.

The classic games are, as you would expect, all there, offering up modes all Darts fans will know, such as 301, 501, 701 and 1001; all of which have you scoring as many points as you can in order to reduce your score from the total at the beginning down to zero. There are plenty of other game types in the classic mode too, such as around the clock; cricket; English cricket; high score; nine lives and a whole lot more.

As if a feature packed classic mode wasn’t enough, Devil’s Details have also included plenty of crazy arcade games such as Mayhem, which sees you using bomb darts, which explode certain portions of the board as they hit it and Alien Chase, which sees one player as the Astronaut and the other as the Alien. The Astronaut must rescue survivors and then make it back to his ship (the number 20), while the Alien must capture the Astronaut. There are also plenty of other games in this section too, such as Alien Attack, House, Stack Up and Rock ‘N” Roll, all of which bring something rather unique to the darts board.

If you would rather just compete with to win, then the single player also offers both a Cup and a League. The league sees you going head to head against 9 opponents over four leagues, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Pro and World Class. You accumulate 3 points fro every win you manage, with a win in first or second place at the end of the season unlocking the League Shield and seeing you promoted to the next league up. During the league you can play any game type you like from either Classic or Arcade, while you can also set the amount of legs that you would like to play over.

The Cup follows a similar set -up to the league, except you play over a certain number or rounds determined by yourself. You can choose from any of the classic games in a cup match, while also being able to choose over how many legs you’d like the match set.

If you are thinking you’d like to show your skills off against the world, then Top Darts has you covered. Thanks to a network mode you can take part in Ad-Hoc or Online game modes, while there is also a Asynchronous mode for playing both individual games and leagues. We didn’t find anyone online when we where playing, however the game has only just been released, so the servers may liven up a little once more people adopt the PS Vita.

As far as the gameplay itself goes, the Vita has an wealth of control inputs and it seems that Top Darts has opted for a more basic approach which suits the game perfectly.  Using the touch screen input to aim and then drawing your finger down; flicking it upwards to launch your dart, the fast and straighter the flick, the more chance you have if hitting target, it is very easy to pull off but has enough variations for you to master and become a true challenger on and offline.

If you grow tired with the many boards available you can also customise your dart board with whatever you fancy by using the Vita camera to snap away and place it on the board, shame there was no pictures of Cameron in the Metro today.

Top Darts is a pretty decent game on the Vita. It’s the sort of title that is great for when you are on the move, allowing for pick up and play action without having to get too involved. Considering you get the Vita and PS3 version for the price of one, it’s hard to argue at the value on offer here. Whether you will want to actually purchase the game or not though will depend on how much you actually like darts, but if you do like throwing sharp pointy things at a cork board then we would certainly recommend this game.

Top Darts is available now via the PlayStation Store on PS Vita.

Rating: GoodReview Policy(version tested: PS Vita)

Edited On 22 Feb, 2012

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