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Frobisher Says review

The super mini-game compendium has always been a fun addition to late night gaming, waking up your senses and mashing buttons with the likes of Bisho Bashi Special or blowing crazily into your DS with the WarioWare titles; well now we have another collection of bizarre and out-there scenarios to defeat in the quickest possible time with Frobisher Says! This review is based on the pre-order gift plus the under £1.59 update found on the PlayStation Store.

The idea behind Frobisher Says! is very simple, you are shown a basic micro mini game and must complete it as fast as possible, with our friend Frobisher announcing “Frobisher Says” between each one. The game utilises all of the Vita’s control types and with that in mind, is best played indoors with plenty of space to move around and with a wrist strap on the Vita; the last thing you want to do is throw your £200+ Vita into an imaginary Geisha girl.

Game modes are few; with both single and multiplayer. The single player will just play random games at you, with you trying to complete them as quickly as possible; we are talking under a second a game here. Multiplayer allows for a pass the Vita style mode with points earned over a selection of rounds. Player one will play through all their games and then pass to player two for their turn, with the highest score winning.

Each game is designed to be wacky, strange and peculiar and at first they are very confusing, with you first having to figure out what action is required of you. There is a small icon at the bottom of the screen which will highlight what area of the Vita controls you need to manipulate, although it isn’t always clear, leaving you just a few seconds to pull off what’s required or it’s a fail. As mentioned, the mini games are varied, therefore one minute you’ll be required to pull out a bath plug using the touch screen; wave the Vita like a fan; smile at the camera or tap a robot on the shoulder, while at other times you’ll be trying to find a particular colour with the rear camera or squashing faces by pinching the front and rear pads. The actions required are all very simple but the frantic nature of the levels are literally machine gunned at you, with the high tempo music and ticking of the ever dwindling clock making it so much harder.

All of the levels have strange, interesting and varied looks, from crudely hand drawn faces, an 8bit style mini platformer with a crocodile looking for some flan or gophers running horizontally across the screen, all getting plenty of sniggers for the first few play throughs. This is quite short-lived though as the main problem with Frobisher Says! is that you do find yourself playing the same games very early on. With the DLC included there are only 53 games to play in total, but it’s actually less when you take into consideration some are only available after playing 1000 games or mysteriously unlocking on the 22/6/12.

Frobisher Says! is a fun little pocket money style time waster that would of been a contender with the likes of WarioWare if it just had more content. On the other hand though, for the most part it’s free. So just enjoy it and worry about the repetitive nature later.

Rating: Good Review Policy(version tested: PS Vita)

Frobisher Says was available for free in the pre-order pack, which was received by pre-ordering the PlayStation Vita. The game will also be released via the PlayStation Store at a later date, while a “Super Fun” pack, consisting of 15 new puzzles, will sell at £1.59.

Edited On 28 Feb, 2012

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