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Get Kinect for £79.99 when you buy Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360

ShopTo is pleased to announce a new offer for Mass Effect 3, allowing those purchase the game the chance to buy a brand new Kinect sensor for just £79.99.

As you may already know, pre-ordering Mass Effect 3 with ShopTo will land you free DLC in the shape of a Mass Effect 3 M-55 Argus Assault Rifle DLC, while those who pre-ordered early will also land themselves a T-Shirt (now out of stock). If you haven’t pre-ordered yet then now you have even more incentive to do so, because not only will you land the M-55 Assault Rifle DLC (while stocks last), but from Tuesday, March 6th you’ll also have the ability to grab a Kinect Sensor for £79.99 by entering the following code alongside your pre-order:


To get the sensor for this price simply enter your code into the site from Tuesday, March 6th (this also goes for those who have already pre-ordered) and you’ll be able to snap up the Kinect sensor for this great price.

If you are not planning to pre-order the game yet then don’t worry, as you’ll still be able to enter this code upon buying the game up to April 9th, giving you the chance to get on the Kinect bandwagon at a later date.

Microsoft says Mass Effect 3 is ‘Better With Kinect’ and now you have the chance to test this theory out for yourself. So make sure you order Mass Effect 3 with ShopTo and grab yourself one of the most highly anticipated games of the year.

Mass Effect 3 arrives March 9.

Edited On 28 Feb, 2012

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