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Wipeout 2048 Q&A answers your questions

Studio Liverpool has posted up a new Q&A on its official Facebook page, answering some commonly asked questions on game functionality and future support.

Questions answered so far include how you can play your friends online; what support will be made available for the game in terms of DLC, how to play your own music and more.

You can check out the small Q&A below, although make sure you check out the Facebook page for future updates.

Wipeout 2048 Q&A

How do I play against my friends online?

  1. To play with your friends directly you can do 2 things…  either select them from the community screen in game and if they are already playing online you will join them in the lobby – you can play together (NB. friends need to be in an online lobby ie actually playing MP games (ie not just online) )
  2. Use Party in the system app.. create a party for you and your friends, if one of you then goes in to wipeout and join an online game, you can launch wipeout from the Party app and it will boot directly into their online lobby (with voice chat too). Lovely.

Cross Play

Is there any way to unlock new ships for cross-platform? i can’t win a single race because im up against upgraded fury class ships and you can only pick 4 different teams?

Without DLC you will be only able to use the 4 base ships. Future DLC will enable the other ships.

Network Pass

My network pass isn’t working with my game

When applying a network pass to WipEout 2048 you must ensure you apply the correct Network Pass for your game. There are currently 4 versions of WipEout 2048  Japan, USA, Europe, Asia. A Network Pass is available in each regional PS Store, but only for that region’s version. For example if you have a European game version, you need a Europe Network pass from the EU PS Store.


Is there going to be any downloadable content in the (near) future? Just can’t get enough of it.

Yes DLC will be available for WipEout 2048 in the near future, keep your eyes peeled for an announcement about this in the next few weeks…

Augmented Reality

Any word on the AR? Like when it will be released?

The AR mode is going to be coming soon. We have lots of things in the pipeline for the game coming up in 2012 of which this is one.


Is there going to be a public demo for wipeout 2048?

Yes a demo is available for all the various PSN stores. Be aware uploads can take time to reach the various stores however.


Can I play my own music in game?

Yes you can, simply set you PS Vita up to play a muic playlist in the system and then launch wipeout, the ingame music will mute and away you can play.

What music plays in the intro video?

That’s DJ Fresh – Louder

What Music Plays on the campaign screens?

Single player menu it’s Tour De France (Kraftwerk) MP Lobby Beelzedub (Oribtal)

In addition to this Q&A, Studio Liverpool has put live an Assistance with Wipeout 2048 page. This is interesting as it’ll provide updates and details on anything the studio is currently working on (as you can see from this page, details of all updates so far are shown).

If you don’t own Wipeout 2048 yet then check out our review here to see why you should. You can order Wipeout 2048 from ShopTo here.

Edited On 02 Mar, 2012

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