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Microsoft publishing Joe Danger the Movie?

Microsoft has been listed as the publisher for Joe Danger The Movie on Xbox LIVE Arcade, suggesting that the title will be at least a timed exclusive for the service.

Generally when Microsoft publishes a game on XBLA, the title is usually exclusive to that service, at least for a set period of time.

Things changed slightly in the case of Joe Danger, as an new improved edition was released on Xbox LIVE Arcade, despite Microsoft not generally allowing a title which was exclusive elsewhere to appear on the service. Since Hello Games changed the game enough Microsoft did allow the release, however could this deal have been at the cost of exclusivity for Joe Danger: The Movie?

Either way it’s an interesting turn of events as Hello Games original title, Joe Danger, which was published by Sony, went on to become the best selling title on PSN and now ironically the sequel may not appear on the service at all.

Whether we’ll see the game on PSN in the future remains to be seen, but a Xbox LIVE release is a certainty.

We have contacted Hello Games for comment.

Edited On 06 Mar, 2012

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