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New games announced for PS Vita, Phantasy Star Online 2

Sony has today announced new titles for the PlayStation Vita in Japan, all revealed via a recorded webcast which took place today.

The games we can make out from the announcement include Phantasy Star Online 2, Super Robot Wars, Persona 4, Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki, Gundam Mosou, MGS HD edition and a new title from Kenji Inafune known as Project Discovery.

In the video we are also told that clip the Metal Gear Solid HD Edition will be released in Japan on June 28.

The biggest news is no doubt the inclusion of Phantasy Star Online 2, which will include cross play with the PC version, meaning you’ll be able to play the same character on both versions. We can see that going down well.

Finally, Kenji Inafune also mentioned he is working on a new “Inafune-like” game. He described it as ‘amazing’ in the video, also shared no other details.

Here’s the video announcement. It’s in Japanese but gives you a rough idea what’s coming even if you can’t understand it.

Edited On 09 Mar, 2012

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