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Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City Gaming Headset review

Licensed by SCEE and Capcom, The Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City gaming headset will soon arrive on ShopTo. We managed to get hands on (or should that be heads on) with the new and impressive looking piece of kit from 4Gamers. Here’s our thoughts.


Coming all in black, with subtle red writing on the headband and a red and white U.S.S logo on the cans, the Raccoon City headset certainly doesn’t shirk when it comes to style.

You can tell that this particular headset has been designed with long gaming sessions in mind, thanks to the soft padding along the top of the headset and on the cans, which are also padded and fit comfortably around your ears. The headset is also able to adjust simply by sliding it up or down, making it easy to fit to your taste, even during a gaming session, while there is also an easily adjustable Noise-Cancelling Microphone, which will allows you to find the perfect position for the most premium level of chat.

Finally, 4Gamers has also included a 4 Metre Oxygen Free Copper Cable, enabling you to wander around the room if you fancy getting out of your chair; a dual volume control allowing for adjustment on chat and/or game volume and also that all important mic mute button (for when your mum comes into the room or if you just want to shout at someone without them knowing).

Setting Up

Setting up the headset is very simple. It comes with two connections, USB, which you simply plug into the front of your PS3 and also a plug and play connector which attaches to the back of your PS3. Once you have completed this simple step, it’s then a case of selecting the headset under the Audio Device Settings option on your PS3′s system settings and away you go.


During our many gaming sessions with the headset it was difficult to find fault really. Chatting with and listening to friends was a fairly pleasing experience, with little to no hiss during the game. Everything also seemed to work as it should, with the headset working perfectly in numerous games we tested without the need for an adjustment to the settings.

The in-game sound also seemed very impressive, which is no doubt helped by the 40mm Neodymium Speaker Drivers and built in powered amplifier and Bass Enhancement.

We have to admit to not being completely tech savvy when it comes to gaming headsets, however for the bargain price of £37.85 on ShopTo, we have to say that the sound quality both for chatting and in-game effects, is fantastic.


Finding a pair of headphones at a decent cost for PS3 is difficult, however 4Gamers seems to have come up with a fantastic solution in its Resident Evil: Raccoon Operation City CP-Cap2 Headset. Not only is this one extremely comfortable headset, but it is also very stylish, with the added bonus of its Resident Evil branding for fans of the series.

Considering the cost of the headset is just £37.85 on ShopTo.net we reckon that this is a bit of a bargain for those not looking to spend a fortune on headgear.

Tech Specs

The full tech specs for the headset are as follows:

  • Noise-Cancelling Microphone
  • 40mm Neodymium Speaker Drivers
  • Dual Volume Control Unit
  • Built in powered amplifier and Bass Enhancement circuit provides superior audio quality
  • Lightweight Closed Back Style
  • 4 Metre Oxygen Free Copper Cable
  • Plug ‘n’ Play Connector allowing quick and easy connection to the PS3 system

You can also pre-order Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City on (PS3 | Xbox 360) from ShopTo for just £36.85, you’ll even get free DLC in the shape of the Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Renegade DLC Pack.

Edited On 10 Mar, 2012

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