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Shoot Many Robots is the kind of game that you will play with your mind turned off.

When first confronted with the title of this download only game, I was thinking that it was going to be a simple little game that really didn’t offer that much in terms of content for depth. However, to say that I was surprised about it would be an understatement. Shoot Many Robots is possibly the best fun I’ve had from a downloadable shooter in a long time.

Shoot Many Robots is possibly the best fun I’ve had from a downloadable shooter in a long time.

Shoot Many Robots is a simple side-scrolling shooter that pits you, P Walter Tugnut, against an army of robots hell bent on either slicing, dicing or shooting you to death. Tugnut is well… a Hillbilly, a Hillbilly who likes his array of big guns but hates the sight of robots, so at least the feeling is mutual. Tugnut has, as most Hillbillies do, an RV, though this one is different as it is kitted out with an armoury where you can equip or buy new weapons to assist you in the fight. The RV also hosts a clothes shop that allows you to… you guessed, buy clothes, although these clothes aren’t your normal block of material and thread. Tuguts garments offer certain upgrades depending on what type you buy; if you get, say the twin beer hat, then you’re granted an extra set of beer cans in your stock (beer is what the game uses to recharge your health). Each area of the body can be customised to offer something new; from your head with hats, to your legs, with anything fr a tutu to a set of cowboy jeans covering this particular area.

To buy the clothes or the weapons you’ll need currency and in Shoot Many Robots the currency is nuts, with every time you kill a robot they will drop a certain amount of nuts for you to collect, but that won’t net you the real money as if you want to be buying the big guns and the best threads you’ll need to chain your kills together. In most instances killing a certain amount of robots will chain together and give you a score bonus, but there is a problem with this in the game. The amount of enemies and the gaps between them means that your chain bar will have dropped down to almost nothing by the time that you reach the next set of enemies, therefore you’ll often find that your hard work is undone in mere seconds after your last kill. This isn’t game breaking by any standard, but it is annoying when you gain impressive chains such as 5x or 6x only to have it all disappear by the time that you have reached your next wave of robots.

Gameplay is centred on the idea of waves of enemies where you are presented with a level to progress through and for the most part you can race through without a care in the world, shooting down the robots that get in your way. This is true, largely due to the fact that the AI in the game isn’t the greatest. Once you are past the area that they spawn from, the robots don’t follow you, nor do they seem to understand walls or obstacles, as projectile firing robots will continuously fire at walls that you are behind without taking a blind bit of notice. This is an unfortunate bugbear that stays with the AI for the game, while I didn’t expect the robots in the game to be extremely intelligent it would have been nice to see some kind of obstacle detection going on.

The game’s story plays out over a series of chapters that are divided up into levels. Each level offers a different location within a centrally themed chapter, but for the main part there isn’t much of a story to hold it together. The robots destroyed your truck and attacked your RV so you want revenge. That’s it, plain and simple. But then again if you are looking for a game with a strong story you wouldn’t be looking at this title anyway.

Shoot Many Robots is the kind of game that you will play with your mind turned off.

Shoot Many Robots doesn’t just offer a single player experience, as you have both local and online multiplayer, which allows for up to four players to fight against the machine menace. This mode makes Shoot Many Robots shine, making it feel like a Team Fortress kind of title, that thrives on having player interaction.

Overall, while Shoot Many Robots may not be the deepest of games, if you are looking for a title that packs bags of gun-toting fun into a world of robots and machines then you will love this. Shoot Many Robots is the kind of game that you will play with your mind turned off and just let the game’s world rush by.

Rating: GoodReview Policy(version tested: Xbox 360)

Shoot Many Robots is released for Xbox 360 via Xbox LIVE on on March 14. Why not buy some instant LIVE credit from ShopTo and save yourself some cash on this and other games.

Edited On 13 Mar, 2012

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