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Hands on: Motorstorm RC Pro-Am DLC

Evolution Studios has already provided one of the best PS Vita titles around in Motorstorm RC and now its getting set to expand on this with its first DLC for the game, the Pro-Am Festival.

I’ve spent a few hours with the new content and have come out of the experience with nothing but praise and frustration, although the latter is down to my driving skills (or lack therefore) if anything else.

Being based on a skate park, Pro-Am Festival brings its own challenges to the world of Motorstorm RC, thanks to its huge ramps and banked corners. This particular DLC includes four brand new tracks for you to race around, Skate Factory, Shred Space, Grind House and Shove it. We thought it would be good to give you a quick overview of each, just to get you up to speed.

Skate Factory

Skate Factory is certainly an interesting track to start you off on. The first event is a standard race to the finish using a SuperMini and it’s here you are introduced to the sort of thing you’ll come accustomed to in the Pro-AM maps – ramps.

Thankfully, the ramps you’ll encounter on the Skate Factory map aren’t particularly taxing, so it’s a nice introduction and a pretty well designed map at the same time. There are plenty of tight corners and a few boxes to smash through should you misjudge the corner, overall though, this seems like it’ll be a pretty popular map for gamers who plan to try and get one up on each others times.

Grind House

Grind House is an interesting map, providing more sharp turns but mixing this up with some jumps to make things a little more difficult. Judging the corners takes a while to get used to, however in the second race at least, where you use the monster truck, it soon becomes second nature. Later on you’ll find yourself going around the track in a Rally Car and also a Buggy, now that does make things a little more difficult.

Shove It

The Shove It Map is full of ramps and jumps, meaning staying straight is hard enough. There are also ramps spread through the flat ground, so you’ll often find it hard to control your car if you haven’t yet found the premium path to get round the track. This map is certainly a far cry from the others included in the main game and one that I have so far found the difficult to master, well that was until I tried the next one.

Shred Space

The final map included in the pack is Shred Space. This is probably the most difficult out the lot thanks to its mixture of very sharp bends and large ramps. Trying to go around this track in the supercar is a complete nightmare. I can see me losing plenty of hair over this one.


Something all of the maps have in common is just how well designed they are. The layout of all tracks and the effects which accompany them are fantastic. The sounds are also great, with that familiar skateboard sound rumbling underneath your car as you speed around the track.

We have quickly tested around eight of the sixteen events on PS Vita so far, however from this we can see that the level of detail and quality is that of the main game, therefore we are 100 per cent sure that for the small cost you pay, there’s outstanding value on offer here.

Pro-Am Festival  will be available to download for PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita from PlayStation Store tomorrow and at a cost of just £2.49/€2.99 for both platforms, grabbing this is essential, especially if you are as big a fan of this bite sized wonder as I am.

Edited On 13 Mar, 2012

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