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Motorstorm RC is the most innovative and forward looking title on the PS Vita.

It didn’t take me long to realise what a fantastic little system the PS Vita is. In fact that revelation came to me when I held it in my hands for the first time as Gamescom 2011. Looking at the launch line-up alone would be enough to make any gamer smile from ear to ear, but I couldn’t possibly play all of those titles, so a choice of had to be made.

Listing some of the big name launch titles would make anyone who hasn’t opted for a Vita think twice – Uncharted, FIFA, Wipeout and Marvel vs Capcom, are just a few which spring to mind immediately. Our website has discussed these in the past and they are fantastic games, however despite gaining some of my attention, it’s not one of these titles that I constantly go back to, in fact, the game in question cost a whole lot less than those above, but in terms of functionality and social features provides a whole lot more.

So what game am I talking about? It’s Motorstorm RC.

Now I don’t see myself as a huge racing fan, sure I like cars and I have played more than my fair share of games from this genre. But to me, Motorstorm RC is about more than the racing. It’s the well designed and cleverly though out layouts of the tracks; it’s the fact that for £4.79 you get an unprecedented amount of content and features, and most of all, it’s the fact that I can play against my friends, whenever I like, without having to pre-arrange such an event beforehand.

How many games can you think of, that for such a low cost, allows you to buy the portable version of a game and get the console version for free. How many games out there allow you to start a game on your console and then continue it, on-the-go, using your portable device? Not many.

The main beauty about Motorstorm RC though is that you are in a constantly connected world. You always know what your friends are doing. You can see their times on the leaderboard of each event and you’ll also be told when they trash one of your scores. I say it again, this game costs £4.79.

Motorstorm RC is the most innovative and forward looking title on the PS Vita.

I have heard a few rumblings that Motorstorm RC moves away from what’s great about the series, no longer providing the eye popping, full on action moments that we are so used to from the Motorstorm name. To me, these people are missing the point. Motorstorm RC is the most innovative and forward looking title on the PS Vita. Look at the features I have mentioned above, because these are the features you’ll see in the majority of titles hitting the system in the future. The Vita is about connection and social interaction, we are already seeing this with games such as Unit 13 (a shooter), Wipeout 2048 and a few of the other titles released a launch. But I’ve no doubt that we’ll see this more and when developers are looking for inspiration about how best to implement the wonderful features of the PS Vita into their game, it’s Motorstorm RC that’ll be one of the main games they’ll be looking at.

Motorstorm RC is available now for PS Vita and PS3 at just £4.79 for both versions. Do yourself a favour and put some money aside today for this wonderful little game.

You can read our review of Motorstorm RC here. You can also read our thought on the recently released expansion pack here.

Edited On 16 Mar, 2012

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